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The Working Dreamer's Walk Of Shame [05 Jun 2006|08:06pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Sorry for the lack of updates but I've been kinda busy. So lets see if I can you all to speed.

Well I started a new job at Wild Adventures. First they started me out in this place called Jack-a-roo's and they make funnel cakes there. It was ok the first day but day two was hell. I acutaly hate funnel cakes now. Now the job itself isn't bad its just the making of the funnel cakes. Luckly the people I was working with were cool so it wasn't that bad. We made all kinds of jokes and what not to pass the time. Yesterday I started at Sweets and Treats. Its not bad there but it does get kinda boring. I worked with this girl named Joy and she was cool, just a little quite but cool. Then I met Sam and she was cool also. I go in for like 5 hours tomarrow because of my IM(International Media)class

I thought I would have been done with this section but it seems that wasn't in the stars for me. Well today I started IM and it was the most embarassing hour and twenty minutes of my life. Rahfia and Kateria both gave me some good advise and I guess I'll take it. They said not to worry about it and to just do it and get it out the way. That'll be hard because I've never failed a class before. I just have to suck up that pride and do what I have to.

Now here's the good stuff. I can't believe I'm gonna write this but here goes. Well the other night I had a very explicit dream about a certin Texas Ranger... if you don't know its Chuck Norris. Yes THE Chuck Norris! OMG that dream was very... intense. I wonder if he's anything like that. Ok that was bit disturbing so on to some not so disturbing news. Well my non existant love life has become somewhat lively. Well there are two guys i'm interested in. One is a VSU student and is 19 and the other is a mutual friend and he's 39. That's a big gap. Of the two I've had more atcutall contact with the latter one but I want to know more about the former. I wish I knew how to handle this one but you know just my luck I wouldn't be any of thier types.


Looking Upwards Towards the Sky, He Knew Better Days Would Come [24 May 2006|10:31pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Well not a lot has happened since my last post. I'm now employed and my flag is lifted so I can sign up for that class and get my diploma! My new place of employment is now Wild Adventures and get this I'll be doing the same thing I did while I was at Disney. As for the pay well is about the same as at the GULAG. Another bombshell was droped yesterday as I was informed that my friend I was going to room with could not get out of her lease. I feel bad for her cause this has been the cruelest summer so far for her. Our original plan was to get a 3 bedroom but since she can't get out of her lease so now I'm getting a one bedroom. I can't way to turn it into the ultimate bachelors pad. I'm think maybe a fog machine or some multi-colored lights.... or maybe not but we'll see. Maybe I could some friends to help decorate it. Maybe Lar-san could provide some artwork *hint hint*.


The Graduation That Was But Wasn't [11 May 2006|10:15pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Well my friend I did it I finaly did it. I graduated......or so I thought. It seems that the one class that I thought I was doing well turned out to be my downfall. Internaional Media...that's all I have to say on that one. But you know you think that one bomb shell was enough here's another... the news workshop....yeah that messed me up also. I really want to know how that happened but I think know. I didn't do a lot of readers and I didn't go out a lot. That was mainly becuase I had work eairly that summester but I did go out some. So thank God that I found out that International Media will is offer during the summer. Now for the latest bomb shell the GULAG doesn't want me back. I wish they would have told me this earier doing the week so that I could have done more job hunting. Now I have to find employment and fast. Hopefully that WALB job will come through. So that's what's going on with me so far.. as a good friend told me, it can olny get better from here. So here's hoping it will get better.

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My hidden Jutsu: Ultimate Update Jutsu! [03 May 2006|11:35am]
[ mood | good ]

It time again for the mega super update. Alot has happend since the last post so lets see if we can put in some sort of order.

Spring Break
Was it a sexy one? Well if you call consider playing video games and wrting a script sexy then yeah it was. But the most important thing that happend was my freedom from the GULAG. Yes you read right. I'm free of that horid place but I have to go back for the summer so yeah. But for now I'm free. Lets see.. ah I got to meet Tanika's kid sister. She is so fun to hang out with and they are funny to watch. We all got to hang out the first weekend of spring break. Druing the week I got to catch up on sleep and I got to play some Grandia III. I also got see Jeff's new place and it's nice. I also got to meet Emy's mom and she is so cool. She brought some Sake from Okinawa and it was strong...very strong but good.

OMG busy is not the word to discribe it. In the past few weeks I have pulled a few all nighters and might I add that they are not fun. Durring one of thoes all nighter I had to do a 12 page paper. Did it get done? Well it did and boy did it get done. So much drama went on during the making of that paper I'm suprised that I'm not insane from the drama....just so much drama...... ok I was having a Laguna Biotch moment.(You have to watch MadTV to get that refrence). Anyway I was first to present my paper and that was the must interesting presntation ever be cause he wasn't very clear on what he wanted. I just presented my findings and it turned out ok. This week is finals week I have one down and 4 to go.

Besides working and classes my personal life has not be the most eventfull. That's not to say that it's been boring cause it hasn't. One thing that happned is that I got my car back. The saga is finaly over and I couldn't be happier. Work has been cool well its been cool most of the time. Sunday was one day when it wasn't. What happened is that the dishwasher decided to shut down so that ment I had to wash all of the dishes from saturday night and the ones from breakfast by had. Let's not forget catering. I had to wash thier stuff as well. Lets see what esle.. Oh yeah Slient Hill. That was a good movie and I liked how all the music in the movie came right from the games. As far as video games go.. I'm almost finished with Kingdom Hearts. The end is so hard. If I'm catching this much heck from Ansem's second form what will i do with the others....


I Feel The Power: Ultimate Update Attack!! [02 Mar 2006|05:20pm]
[ mood | good ]

I finally I get to update this thing. Its been forever since my last post and boy have I've been busy. So lets get this update started...

Well that the part of my life that's been keeping me ultra busy. But some cool things have happened. I few weeks ago I did a story about the chinese new year and it made on our campus news. Needless to say that I was so happy. I got the ideal to do the story when I saw a flyer for it. I wanted to go anyway so being the genius that I am, I called off work and told that I had to cover the celebration for class. Now that wasn't a lie but I did use it as an excuse not to go to work. So devlish, I know but hey I had my fun and got my grade. On Monday we shot our PSA things for Preformance and Anouncing. It was kinda fun but I think I messed up on mine.

Not much happing here. Just the same ole game: Try not get the people to hang up on you. I'm begining to wonder why I'm still there. Its been nearly a year and I have made no progress. While people who've just come in are alreday moving up to the next level. Does that mean that I suck at my job or that I'm mediocre? Who know? But I know one thing I can't stay there much longer. I do feel my time there is almost up.

Ah the part of the post most looked fowared to. Well sorry to dispoint if you were looking for any sexy news. I'm sorry there isn't any sexy new to post. Ah well.. but anyway lately I've been playing Grandia III. That game is really awsome. The grapics are top notch and the combat system is crazy. The arial combos kick ass!! The only thing that's kind bad about the game is that its to liner and that the story is kinda slow. Oh I've also been listening to this band called Freezepop. They are a synth-pop band and the music is really good. I've been into them for a while but I didn't have access to thier albums. A few weeks ago my friend was on thier website and I was so shocked becasue I didn't think that many people down here knew about them. Well he let borrow some cd's and they are kick ass. I'm listening to it now as I type this. Well other than that not much is going on. I'am about to go so I can get some study time in before Smallville comes on. Then after that its time for some Grandia action.


Birthday 06': The Bodnding Trip of Four Friends [08 Feb 2006|04:07pm]
[ mood | good ]

As most of you know, Sunday was my birthday. I'm 23 years old now and I don't feel any different. Well I guess that could be a good thing, maybe? But anyway here's how my birthday went down.

Saturday me, Jeff(Ka-El, CB, and Cameron went to Tallahassee to visit a porn shop I sleep for most of the trip there. Mind you I was up early doing a class presntation. It was my first one and the place was ok. They had a large selection of..flims for like $3.99. Of all the film to find guess what I did? Buffy the Vampire Layer. Now anyone that knows me, know that I am a Buffy fan so how could I resist. In the end eveybody got what they wanted and was happy with thier purchases. After we finished there we came back to town and went the the Latin Dance at Los Banderas. That was the most fun I've had in a while. I didn't know all of the steps but I improvised. That sunday I had lunch with Emy and Tanika and I got Kingdom Hearts. So far the game is ok. I'm in Wonderland now. But if I'm not finished with KH by next week(which I wont be)it has to go to the back burner. Why you ask? Well its simple Granda III comes out! I'm so excited I've seen game footage and it rocks! Well that's all for now class is about to start so I must go.


Mega Update: Bukujutsu Style! [01 Feb 2006|10:41am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well It really has been a long time since my last post. So lets get ready for the Mega Super Hyper Force update.

Well classes have started and boy did they start. For thoes that don't know I'm taking 20 hours and working 23 hours this summester. I know that's a lot but hey I see it as preperations for the real world. So far we've done our first news cast for the summester monday and it was good. I did good on the camera and next Monday I'm dong graphics. In Broadcast and Culture my group goes Wendsday and I do my presntation on Dallas the following Friday. I plan on finishing that up Sunday. In my other workshop class we did our first Sports show and that was... well interesting but not in a bad way. I was your first show but do feel we'll get better at it.

What more can I say about the GULAG. Well it hasn't been to bad. But last night was odd. It seemed that I had all the upset people. Now out of number of upset callers only a few of them (2) were acutally legit. This one guy had me on the phone for like 15 minutes. He told me the whole story. And I mean a day by day process. I did feel bad that that happened to him and I hope that the issue gets resloved.

I wish I had some hot steamy news for you but not this time. But here's what's going on.. Remember that person that I mentioned that I was talking to over the break. Well I haven't heard from them in a while but hey it was fun while it lasted. What else.. ah... Bleach. I love that show. I'm on ep 39 now and its getting good. Lately I've been playing Dragon Ball: Budukai 3. Sorry Lar san but its good game. I think that Its the best one in the series. I've also been playing Residen Evil 4. That game rocks. I've gotten the hang of aming so my shots have improved some what. I also got Degressi: The Next Generation Season 2. It didn't take any time for it to get here. Its kinda funny watching it now and seeing where they came from and comparing it to were they will go. Like Manny and Emma who would have ever though that would end up getting a abortion and and STD. Funny how life works out that way.

Well that's about it for now. Take care and keep watching you never know that steamy news may surface.


The New Year... [03 Jan 2006|06:07pm]
[ mood | good ]

Ah... a new year. A year full of possibilites and what not. So lest start off by recaping the main events of 05'.

Anime Weekend Atlanta
Now this had to be the biggest event of year for me. I mean I finaly got to go and it was so much fun.

Another event that was interesting was "Chin-gate". Now for all of you wondering what that is.. well its one of thoes "things" you had to "see".. (Lar-san you know what I mean....)

Now for the bad...
My car having a breakdown has to top the list. I mean it just...well it was bad. The next was that awefull even that took place over the summer. The Hook-up that never should have happend. Lets just say that lots of whiskey sours were invloved...

Ok now that that's over here's how my Christmas and New Years went.

Well the fun began Christmas Eve. My dad came back to finish the car and he did. After work he followed me home and the car did its usual thing fog. So my dad looked at it and thinks it may have a water leek or the heater core may be gone. Christmas day we went to chruch and that was nice. It felt odd beeing there cause I haven't been in a while. After church we saw my Grand Dad. He's doing much better that before. Then we hung out at the house until we ate at my aunt Mary's house. I made some phone calls and watched some tv. Then it got to be boring. Later on I hung out with Ashely and met her new friend Travis. He seems cool and form what I hear he's into her. The next day my dad let me drive the Honda back so I could go to work but I had to bring it back that night. Tuesday we found out that it might be an electrial problem with the car. So now its in Dawson.

New Years
New Years Eve started out kinda boring cause I had to work. Afterwards Emy picked me up and later on we went out to eat at Mori the Japanase Stake House. It was really fun and good. After that, me and Emy played Harry Potter Seen It and I won. She won the second game. Tanika and William came over and we played Poker and watched the Degrassi marathon untill 11 then we watched MTV's New Years special. At 12 we did out champagne toast and what not. New Years Day was kinda uneventfull. I played X-Men Legends and went food shopping. Later on that night I watched some eps of Buffy and went back to Wal-Mart with Tanika.


And Then the Hero Laughed (the super-sized update) [20 Dec 2005|09:14pm]
[ mood | good ]

It's been a really long time since my last post. A very long time... so kick off you shoes and relax your feet. And listen to my story.....

Well finals have come and gone and must say that I did pretty good. I was late for my Latin final and I ended up making an 69 on it. The grade would have been in the 70's but my misspelling the words made it so. One final was a 1500 word esay. Let just say that I tried to pull an all nighter with that one but it didn't qute turn out that way. I finished the esay that friday morning and turnded it in. And that as they say is that.

Work aka "The GULAG"
Well work has been the same....BORNING. I never knew I could hate a place so much as I do Fresh Beginings. Well I souldn't say hate more like loath. In either case that place is....well words can't describe how I feel about that place. I have to force myself to go everyday and it shouldn't be that way. Now I understand how Anastaisa flet about Pizzafari. But I wont have long there anyway so I think I'll just treasure my few remaining moments there. On another note. The GULAG Christmas party was ok. I won a PS2 so all was good with the world.

Well here the good stuff. Over Thanksgiving I got to see my family. My car was acting crazy(as usual these days) and I got to eat lots of Turkey. I took my little sister to see Harry Potter 4 and she liked it. It was my second time seeing it. I saw it first with Julie at the midnight showing. I still can't believe we did that. Ok so things with my car have finlay come to an head. Now the alternator went out. My dad came down Sunday to fix it and well we did get the alternator in but that damned belt was being a bitca. So what happends now is that he's gonna come back down Saturday and tow it back to Dawson were his friend will put the belt on. On another note, I've been playing Final Fantasy X over. I just had this urge to play it when Jeff B.(Ka-El) decided to play it. I wonder how far he is in it. I also met a new friend. Lately we've talked every night this past week. We were suposed to hang today but that didn't pan out but you never know, the night is still young...

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She's So Very Bitch: The long awaited update!!! [14 Nov 2005|09:50pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Well it has been a very long time since the last post and boy oh boy a lot has went down. So let get started.....

On this front I've had some test and quizes, mostly from Latin. Man, I'll be so glad when that class is over. Its not like I need it but I thought it would be interesting. What was I thinking? Anyway Media Crit is always interesing. I've started on that final and its hard to keep up with it becuse of work. Well that's about it for the this section.

Well what's new with the GULAG? Not a damn thing. I still hate that place but not as much as I used to. But while on the subject of work. Why is that I have not made it to Prospects yet when I have good stats and have been there since May. Now the latest Prospects class has people that have been out of traning for like a week in it. I guess Its all in how you suck up to team leaders. Well if that's the case I'd rather make based on my own hard work. I'm not about to suck to to my team leader, why the hell should I? And why the hell is this getting to me. Its not like that's my career. But anyway during Halloween I wore my Naruto head band and some of the people looked at me like I was crazy. I was like its halloween why not.

Now here's the good stuff.
Well lately I've developed feeling for a friend of mine. And that friend of mine is sending very mixed messages. I mean some of the things we've talked about and done you just don't do with people who you consider be your 'close friend'. Its so frustrating. Its like there's a break through but then its back to square one. To those of you reading this you know that friend is....
Well lets see what else. Oh I saw Doom. It was good and better than what I thought it would be. The people I were with liked it so I guess it was ok. Also it was number one in the box office that week. I was really suprised at that. Halloween was ok. Not much happed. I went to a Halloween party with Cameron and it was really fun. I was a Zabusa from Naruto and I was suprised that some people knew who I was. Now here the messed up part. Saturday before last I went back home to the fair to take my sister Zoye. Cameron came rode down with me and Lar San came to the fair also. All was good but then I forgot to check and see if my break lights were off. Well they weren't and Lar San's dad came to the rescue and jumped us off. After that we went to Fun Park and Cameron had fun. I got to play some DDR and I kicked ass!! So after that was over we took Lar San and my sister home and headed back to Valdosta. Now we get back and I'm like the nightmare is over. No it wasn't. The next day I found out that my battery went dead. Come to find out it was the cooling fan. It kept running and it ran my battery down. So friday I went to get it fixed and I learned that it was the Power relay moduel and its going to cost $218 to fix. Damn.... So that's it for me now. Untill next post.......

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